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This is mainly a personal blog. I'm 34, New Zealander, write a bit of fic (sunmontue on AO3, ff.net and LJ). I post a lot of stuff about my life (kids, work, baking and gardening and lists involving what I want to try and achieve in a day which always includes writing but seldom gets crossed off...)

I am an equal opportunity shipper - my favourites being: Drarry, Kurtofsky, Brian/Justin, Sterek. But I will read anything that takes my fancy really.

If you somehow got here because of the Lego stuff, you might want to consider following my side-blog (teenwolfandlegofusion) instead of this one, as it's *just* the Lego goodness without everything else. (Unless you like everything else, which is cool too...)

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Staying home with Wax and Max today. Very slight fevers, bark like coughs and so much green snot I’d be rich if there was a demand for it on the black market… Very happy and cheerful boys though.

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Making that ‘blow your mind tomato basil pasta’. It’s freaking amazing. This is the fifth time I’ve made it now.

Making that ‘blow your mind tomato basil pasta’. It’s freaking amazing. This is the fifth time I’ve made it now.

Tagged: recipeexcept I'm on my phone and don't have the linkI'll come back and fix that once we've eaten and the kds are in bedalso had to come home early because Max's asthma is playing up and he has a temperature

Pyjamas, pizza and a picnic lunch with my kids at their crèche for lunch today…

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Feeling slightly overwhelmed with the amount of work I have right now… *sigh*

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That’s how busy I have been today… :/

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does anybody else legitimately worry about how they’re going to share a bed with their partner when they’re older? like buddy i need all the blankets to make a burrito and then i need to throw them off of me dramatically in the middle of the night and lie…

Backing up what impostoradult says - I know of several of my friends who are married and have separate bedrooms. And the polyamorous relationship in my circle of friends - all three have separate bedrooms. Everyone needs their own space.

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Tuesday - aiming to be more productive today than yesterday. 

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I don’t eat kiwifruit EITHER of those ways. O.o

Tagged: does no one cut it in half and just scoop it out and eat it?As for the rest - it really depends on what you need the fruit forHuh - I would cut kiwi fruit the first way if I was decorating a pavlova - but only then

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Monday! :D My weekend felt like a week off, which is always a nice feeling. Have already started procrastinating since I got to work an hour ago… oops!

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Wax wearing my mum’s wedding hat (it’s in their dress up box). He insisted on me tying the trailing ribbon around him when he couldn’t do it himself.

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