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This is mainly a personal blog. I'm 34, New Zealander, write a bit of fic (sunmontue on AO3, ff.net and LJ). I post a lot of stuff about my life (kids, work, baking and gardening and lists involving what I want to try and achieve in a day which always includes writing but seldom gets crossed off...)

I am an equal opportunity shipper - my favourites being: Drarry, Kurtofsky, Brian/Justin, Sterek. But I will read anything that takes my fancy really.

If you somehow got here because of the Lego stuff, you might want to consider following my side-blog (teenwolfandlegofusion) instead of this one, as it's *just* the Lego goodness without everything else. (Unless you like everything else, which is cool too...)

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Still working my way through last years calendar.

Still working my way through last years calendar.

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